UnEarthedEnergy   stones and crystals are among some of the most rare, unique and powerful found in the world, that are REAL, birthed from within the earth, having received the release of billions of electrons interwoven into their crystalline structure — The very elements used to create our bodies.
UnEarthedEnergy   stones and crystals are one of a kind as they are charged with the sun's power, bathed in its of waves of light from specific coordinates north of the equator and west of the Prime Meridian in the Northern Hemisphere, where the sun's rays are stronger than other places in the world, emitting a full-spectrum of a variety of electromagnetic waves, carrying energy where 99% of its rays are in the form of visible light, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays (also known as heat). These spectrum rays are richer and fuller, delivering solar exposure of thousands of extra biophotons that are energy charging, accelerating the electric charges. 
With these parameters of the position of the sun, it's as good as it gets for cleansing and charging our unearthed stones and crystals, making their properties to be the most unique and powerful on earth!

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